Standard Model HEFT

The Standard Model (SM) Higgs effective theory is an effective formulation of the SM where the top quark is integrated out. The effective action governing Higgs production via gluon fusion can be described by the following term [DDS98]:

\[\mathcal{L}_{H^n g g} = \frac{\alpha_\mathrm{s}}{24 \pi} G^{a\mu\nu}G^{a}_{\mu\nu} \log \left[1 + \frac{H}{v} \right] \left(1 + \frac{11}{4} \frac{\alpha_\mathrm{s}}{\pi}\right),\]

with \(H\) being the Higgs field, and \(v\) the associated vev.

The fields of this model correspond to the ones in the SM.



[DDS98]S. Dawson, S. Dittmaier, and M. Spira. Neutral Higgs boson pair production at hadron colliders: QCD corrections. Phys. Rev., D58:115012, 1998. arXiv:hep-ph/9805244, doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.58.115012.