Standard Model

The SM is implemented for a diagonal CKM matrix at NLO (QCD+EW). We support the ‘t Hooft Feynman gauge in the conventional (SM) as well as in the Background-Field Method (SM_BFM). The model is as well derived including only fermionic loops (SM_FERM) (QCD+EW) and for a separate top yukawa power-counting (SM_FERM_YT) (QCD).

Field conventions

Fields Recola identifier
\(\gamma\), Z, \(\mathrm{W}^+\), \(\mathrm{W}^-\) 'A', 'Z', 'W+', 'W-'
Higgs 'H'
\(\mathrm{e}^+\), \(\mathrm{e}^-\), \(\mu^+\), \(\mu^-\), \(\tau^-\), \(\tau^+\) 'e+', 'e-‘, 'mu+', 'mu-', 'tau+', 'tau-'
\(\nu_\mathrm{e}\), \(\bar \nu_\mathrm{e}\), \(\nu_\mu\), \(\bar \nu_\mu\), \(\nu_\tau\), \(\bar\nu_\tau\) 'nu_e', 'nu_e~', 'nu_mu', 'nu_mu~', 'nu_tau', 'nu_tau~'
\(u\), \(\bar u\), \(c\), \(\bar c\), \(t\), \(\bar t\) 'u', 'u~', 'c', 'c~', 't', 't~'
\(d\), \(\bar d\), \(s\), \(\bar s\), \(b\), \(\bar b\) 'd', 'd~', 's', 's~', 'b', 'b~'
Gluon 'g'

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