The version documenting the shared basic features of Recola and Recola2 is

whereas the BSM manual

describes the new features of Recola2 with respect to Recola and introduces the new model files. The latter is only recommended if you know your way around Recola and want to use Recola2 for BSM computations or cross checks.

New features

New features beyond the first releases are not reported in the manual. For convenience, we list new features here. A documentation is accessible through the API docs or by using the Quick search box in the sidebar.

compute_spin_correlation_matrix_rcl(…) Computes the summed spin-correlated matrix squared amplitude \(B_j^{\mu\nu}\) (arXiv:1002.2581 Eq.
rescale_spin_correlation_matrix_rcl(npr,order=) Adjusts the calculated results for a (new) value of \(\alpha_\mathrm{s}\), rescaling the structure-dressed helicity amplitudes and recomputes the spin-colour-correlated summed squared amplitude for the process with process number npr.
get_spin_correlation_matrix_rcl(…) Extracts the computed value of the spin-correlated matrix summed squared amplitude.
process_exists_rcl(npr) Returns whether a process with id npr exists after generation generate_processes_rcl().
set_outgoing_momenta_rcl(npr,pIn) Random phase space generation given incoming momenta.
set_cache_mode_rcl(mode) Sets the cache mode to mode.
set_global_cache_rcl(ncache) Sets the number of active global caches to ncache.
switch_global_cache_rcl(cache) Activates the cache with number cache.
set_quarkline_rcl(npr,q1,q2) Enforces a quark-flow between two quarks q1 and q2.
get_recola_version_rcl() Returns the version number of the Recola2 library.
get_modelname_rcl() Returns the name of model linked to the Recola2 library.
get_modelgauge_rcl() Returns the current gauge used of model file in use.
get_driver_timestamp_rcl() Returns the precise generation date of model library.