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REcursive Computation of One-Loop Amplitudes

Recola is a Fortran95 computer program for the automated generation and numerical computation of EW and QCD amplitudes in the Standard Model at next-to-leading order.


Ansgar Denner Universität Würzburg, Germany  
Lars Hofer Universitat de Barcelona, Spain  
Jean-Nicolas Lang   Universität Würzburg, Germany  
Sandro Uccirati Università di Torino and INFN  

Former authors:   Stefano Actis,   Andreas Scharf

When RECOLA is used for a publication please cite these references.

Features of RECOLA 1.2

Amplitudes in the 't Hooft-Feynman gauge.

Complex-mass scheme for unstable particles implemented

Possibility of consistent isolation of resonant contributions and of applying the pole approximation

Dimensional regularization for ultraviolet and infrared singularities, with the alternative possibility of treating collinear and soft singularities in mass regularization

Various renormalization schemes supported for the electromagnetic coupling constant

Dynamical Nf-flavour renormalization scheme for the strong coupling constant

Computation of next-to-leading-order amplitudes for all helicities and colour structures

Computation of next-to-leading-order squared amplitudes summed/averaged over spin and colour

Computation of colour- and/or spin-correlated leading-order squared amplitudes for dipole subtraction

C++ interface (from version 1.2)